Just how bad is it the United States? Consider this:

  • Presidential and congressional elections are basically bought by an oligarchy of corporations and very rich people.

  • Every decision by the supposedly non-partisan Supreme Court now falls along party lines.

  • The fourth estate, aka the Press, is now owned by the oligarchs and rather than work elections to help the public elect the best candidates, they work elections to make money, and draw out elections to make even more money.

    • Why are the presidential election "cycles" getting longer and longer? Do we really need two years to learn about the candidates?

    • You do know who ends up with all that advertising money, right?

    • If the oligarchs pay politicians so the politicians can get re-elected, and the politicians pay the media companies (aka the Press) for advertising so they can get elected, and the oligarchs own the Press, then the money keeps spinning around and around.

  • All this means that the government of the United States now exists to serve the oligarchs, which are now their true constituents.

  • Do you believe our government is functioning as intended? Do you know anyone who believes our government is functioning as intended?

    • The reason is not because of entitlements, welfare, Social Security, gay rights, abortion, or too many taxes.

    • The reason is not because of tax breaks to the wealthy, a shrinking middle class, unemployment, or poor education.

    • All the above, while important issues, are simply tools of division, and diversion from what is really going on.

08/27/15; 08:07:13 AM

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By Frank McPherson, Thursday, August 27, 2015 at 8:07 AM.