Welcome To FrankNet

I have been publishing my writing on the Internet for 14 years, mostly using software and web sites owned by other companies. During the last 6 months I've been slowly consolidating some of that writing and associating it to domains that I own.

The majority of the sites, which have similar appearances but are dedicated to different topics, are associated to frankmcpherson.net, or what I lovingly refer to as FrankNet. If you look at the menu bar at the top of this page, you will see the FrankNet menu that points to following sites:

  • Real Personal Computing is where I write about my experiences and opinions about personal computing. On the site I promote two ideas, first that personal computing is no longer about a single device but instead an experience across multiple devices, and second that smartphones and tablets are really the first personal computers and what we have been calling PCs all these years are not at all personal.

  • Sports Beat is where I write about sports. My first, for pay, writing gig was for small town weekly newspaper called The Current. I covered high school sports and wrote a weekly column, Sports Beat with Frank McPherson.

  • The Narthex is where I write about my faith. As an aspiring follower of Jesus, my faith is a life long growing process. All too often faith and belief are used interchangeably, but they do not mean the same. Faith is a verb. Jesus calls us to follow him. To love God by loving our neighbor.

  • Just about everything that I write about is associated with something that I have learned. Learning is a process that includes taking notes and some of those notes I publish in my Work Notes site for later reference. What is there is mostly for me, but you might find it useful too.

  • Books Notes is where I write about the books that I have read. Many of these books are about religion and the notes you see here are mostly outlines that I use for facilitating a book group that I lead at my church.

  • Web Notes is my weblog, or blog. You can think of it as my hub on the Internet, with links to my writing, along other things that I find interesting on the Internet.

You don't need to keep checking all those sites to read my writing, just come back to frankmcpherson.com, which will bring you to my blog where I will link to my other writing. If you use RSS, you cal also subscribe to my feed and have the lastest FrankNet updates pushed to you.

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