Thanks Dave!

Dave Winer is celebrating 20 years of blogging today. I've written before about how I started blogging after discovering, I've been blogging along with Dave for 14 years using the tools that he developed, just as I am doing to write this post.

Dave reminds me most of how the early days of personal computing were done, when people wrote their own software to make computing meet their needs, and happily shared that software with others just in case they found it useful. I think most great pieces of software were crafted first to meet their author's needs, because the person writing the software is very intimate with its requirements.

Most software authored today is written by a person who gets its requirements from another person, and in those instances the soul of the idea is lost in the translation.

Dave is a Mets fan and has written that he believes the Mets have philosophy. I would say that the software that Dave authors has philosophy too, and I know that I have benefited from it.

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