Here be my notes while watching Apple's October 2014 event via

Hey, I payed for my lunch at McDonalds today with Google Wallet. Apple Pay launches on Monday.

Developers, developers, developers... go get Watch Kit!

Yada, yada, yada... never mind we have told you all this stuff before. Lots of fill going on here with rehash of stuff Apple has already told us.

Put your photos on iCloud so they can be available on every device and for anyone who might ever want them. Even people who you might not want to have them.

Thirty six minutes later... we learn that Yosemite is available today. They couldn't have done this in a blog post?

iPad Air 2.... thinner. 6.1 mm. Less reflective screen, will need a sun test. Lots faster than previous generation iPads. 8 mega pixel camera. Pushing the video and camera capabilities of the iPad. Touch id, supports Apple Pay but sounds like it will only be useful for online payments. Same prices, but no 32 GB model, 64 GB for $599. Basically a spec upgrade here, nothing revolutionary.

So, the reason to buy an iPad is for image and video capture and editing, right? I guess it is easier to do that on a larger screen than on an iPhone 6 Plus.

Original iPad Air still being sold for as low as $399; Original iPad mini for $249. iPod Touch starts at $200, not sure I would by a touch, you might as well get the original mini for $249. Preorders start tomorrow.

I wonder if Apple is going to keep manufacturing the older iPads or if they are just going to sell out remaining inventory at these prices?

iMac with Retina, world's highest resolution display, greater than 4K displays; Retina 5K.

Spec upgrade for the Mac Mini, starts at $499.

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